Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 1:30pm

AUSTIN, Texas – Known for developing and breaking music acts across multiple genres, veteran artist manager Bruce Kalmick has announced the launch of a new company, WHY&HOW, promising results-driven service through purpose and strategy.
“The Why and The How have always been the first steps to every partnership in this business,” shared Kalmick upon the company’s launch, adding “W (Wyatt) & H (Hazel) are two very adorable redheads that call me Dad; so, it’s a perfect name for this important and timely next step.”
Based in Austin, Texas with representatives across several major cities, WHY&HOW is a full-service artist management company with diversified ventures across music, entertainment, digital, branding and spirits, representing clients both domestically and globally. In addition to current efforts, the organization plans to diversify with focuses ranging from publishing to educational and philanthropic endeavors.
"We believe the foundation of success in any business starts with paying it forward,” notes Kalmick. “Our first initiative is to give back; both in charitable donations with W&H IMPACT, and also through our W&H EDU initiative further aiding educators by being a resource and encouraging a diverse group of future industry leaders attending universities around the world."
Joining Kalmick on the WHY&HOW team are three veteran artist managers being elevated to Vice President roles: Rachel Cave (Belle Mt., ZZ Ward), Eddie Kloesel (Chase Rice, Bones Owens, Whiskey Myers) and Kelly Kresen (KALEO, Nox Holloway, FERBY).
Additional staff members include Artist Manager Pete Olson (Tyler Braden, Seaforth), Day to Day Manager Matt Stubbs (Kelleigh Bannen), Creative Director Evan Kaufmann, Senior Marketing Director Lesley DiPietro, Marketing Directors Avery Bashaw and Chelsea Cankar, Executive Assistant Chloe Strickland and Management Assistants Eric RadfordWane Lindsey and Olivia Dahlstrom.

Cave, Kloesel, Kresen, Olson, Stubbs, Kaufmann and Bashaw join WHY&HOW having worked previously with Kalmick, while DiPietro, Cankar, Strickland, Radford, Lindsey and Dahlstrom join the team as new hires.
“It’s such a blessing to have support from this industry as we take a step into W&H,” Kalmick adds. “We all have to work together to lift the business back up and our team will be squeezing every lime dry daily to ensure not only a return but overwhelming growth in our modern-day renaissance.”
WHY&HOW Artist Roster:
Headshots linked 
Belle Mt.
Bones Owens
Chase Rice
Deezie Brown
Kelleigh Bannen
Nox Holloway
SRPN (Samantha Ronson & Pete Nappi)
Taylor McCall
Tyler Braden
Whiskey Myers
ZZ Ward
For more information, visit and follow on Instagram and Facebook @whyandhowmgmt.
WHY&HOW is a full-service artist management and music company formed in 2020 with diversified ventures across music, entertainment, digital, branding and spirits. Our WHY is the purpose and intention behind every artist and project we take on. Our HOW is the strategy and action behind the execution of our client and company initiatives. WHY&HOW offers results-driven service through purpose and strategy.