Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 11:00am

Luke & Beth Laird's Creative Nation gathered at the famed Ocean Way Studios in Nashville on Tuesday, June 12 to celebrate the soft launch of Steve Moakler's latest album, Born Ready, available everywhere Friday.

"At Creative Nation, we just want to work with people we believe in," Luke Laird shared on the company's mission that he and wife Beth set out to accomplish when they launched in 2011. He continued, "I'm obviously a songwriter first, so what drew me to Steve was his songwriting. All these songs he writes are songs I wish I could write or wish that I'd have written. For me, to have the opportunity to be his producer -- which really, all that means is that I'm just trying not to mess up the heart that's in these songs he's written... I believe in this music a lot."

Moakler performed a sampling of songs off the album, including the title track "Born Ready," "Slow Down," "Thirty," which he called his favorite song on the project, and "One More Troubadour," a song inspired by an early conversation in his Nashville journey.

"When I first moved here [to Nashville] I ended up in the conversation with a native [of the city] and he was really nice to me" shared Moakler. "He asked 'what brought you to town?' and I realized how typical my answer was being a singer/songwriter, so I answered insecurely with a smirk, 'well sir, I'm a singer/songwriter, just one of the 10,000.' I thought he was going to laugh, but he just paused and looked at me real serious and said, 'well son, there's 10,000 angels, too, you know?' I've never thought of it quite the same way. I really love getting to be a songwriter, getting to be a troubadour, and that's what really drives me to get up in the morning."

The CN Records album is available everywhere this Friday, June 15.