Friday, July 13, 2018 - 12:45pm

Patrick Droney makes his debut today with new song Stand and Deliver,” available across all major digital and streaming platforms. With its uplifting message about love and loss, the reflective song introduces the world to a stirring new pop-soul voice in Music City’s creative community.

“Stand and Deliver” was a phrase traditionally used by English highwaymen when commanding victims to hand over their valuables. “To me our most valuable possessions are empathy, compassion and our willingness to show up for the people who need it the most,” says Droney.

Written by Droney and Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra), and produced by Droney and Ian Fitchuk, “Stand and Deliver” examines those timeless themes of showing love to those who need it: "I said I just want to hold you / I don’t really know if I can fix this dear / Hate to see you hurting / Know you're not a burden / I volunteer."

“It was the middle of the night shortly after moving to Nashville that I wrote the first verse and chorus of ‘Stand and Deliver,’” shares Droney of lines “It was the longest night / Of the darkest year / The one you learned that life can go and disappear.” “The next day I went to Kevin [Griffin]’s house and after a deep dive on life, love and loss we wrote the rest of the song together.”

Griffin adds, “Patrick came in that day with a story he wanted to tell.  It came together fast, and when the chorus melody handed off to that haunting picked guitar line in the post...well, we knew we had something special.”
Droney first picked up a guitar around age six and at age 13 was awarded the “New Generation Award” by the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation. The honor helped put him on the map in the guitar world and on stages with musical heroes like B.B. King, James Brown and Elvis Costello. In 2010, Droney moved to New York to study at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. During those years he established himself as a formidable songwriter playing clubs all over the city. It was there he was discovered by legendary publisher Lance Freed, who signed him and encouraged a move to Los Angeles. 
“Having experienced profound loss myself, I know nothing can replace the absence of that loved one. However, the outstretched arm of a friend, a rope to grab onto when you are drowning with grief, and letting them pull you in, can make all the difference,” shares the wise-beyond-his-years Droney. “That is the true spirit of this song.”
For Droney, the steadiness of the groove and inherent forward sonic motion of the song echoes that sentiment, adding, “If anyone feels alone or lost in grief of any kind, I hope this song reminds them they aren’t alone.”

"Stand and Deliver" is the first release from Droney’s debut EP due later this summer from the independent Kobalt/AWAL artist.
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About Patrick Droney
New Jersey native Patrick Droney spent his formative years touring with the likes of BB King and James Brown, with features in prominent magazines and appearances on national television (People MagazineGuitar WorldThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon). After attending Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, Droney moved to Los Angeles to focus on songwriting, subsequently placing songs in a number of major network television shows and attracting the attention of leading musical instrument manufacturer, Fender (FMIC), as one of their go-to artist ambassadors. In the fall of 2016, Droney relocated to Nashville and immersed himself in Music City's songwriting community. In 2017, the now-25-year-old signed with G Major Management (Thomas Rhett, Danielle Bradbery) as well as Kobalt for publishing.