Friday, May 24, 2019 - 3:00pm

At only 20 years old, Dylan Brady is the much-buzzed-about accomplished singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has already caught the attention of Zac Brown Band and Rascal Flatts' Joe Don Rooney, as well as industry veteran Barry Weiss, who immediately signed Dylan to his Sony joint-venture, RECORDS LLC. In partnership with Riser House/Columbia Records, Brady's "Over Us" out today, is a co-write between the New York native and writer Jared Scott and writer/producer Andy Sheridan.

“For someone who is ready to move on, but not quite ready to say goodbye, this is a song we wrote for you,” shares Brady, who moved to Nashville on his own in 2016 to be closer to the creative songwriting community. “When we sat down to write this, it was the first time we’d all gotten together, so we started with an idea I had a few years back: you’re over the relationship but miss the little things about the person. Immediately each of us could recall that onerelationship that wasn’t meant to be, but it still was better when you had someone.”
Brady has been making waves on socials with his brand of pop melodies and heartfelt country lyrics that can only come from a teen living his life in this day and age.

Turn off the radio, pullin’ on that road and
Listen to the voicemails that you left on my phone back then
Why do I see you when the night moves slowly
Why do I wish that our hands were still holdin’
Even tho I know we ain’t meant to be you’re on my mind
So I wonder why, why I’m… 
I’m so over us… Oh I’m so over us 
Girl I’m so long over us 
But I’ll never be over you

With a fanbase built organically from posting raw, stripped performances, acoustic covers and mash-ups, Brady is in the studio finishing what will be released as his first off of Weiss’ imprint RECORDS, home to Lennon Stella, Matt Stell, LSD (the Labrinth-Sia-Diplo collaboration) and Fifth Harmony alumni Lauren Jauregui.

For more information, please visit 
dylancbrady.com or follow him on Instagram @dylancbradyTwitter @dylancbrady and on Facebook @dylanbradymusic.