Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 2:00pm

Renowned music industry photographer Joseph Llanes, who has shot for the likes of Billboard, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, Spin and numerous album covers/musicians, launches Greyland, a new media outlet/merchandising/design company, in Music City. The new venture sees Llanes and his team bringing together a group of artists from the Nashville area to benefit MusiCares this holiday season in what will be referred to as “12 Days of Greyland.”
Llanes tells, “We started Greyland with the intention of being able to grant the access I’ve had for the past several decades in the music industry, to the fans. I’ve worked with Rolling Stone and Billboard, to name a few, a lot in my career and I’ve noticed a change in the industry, and I wanted to be a part of that change. I wanted to be able to spotlight new artists and musicians on my own terms and give fans an entire experience while doing so. From photo, to design, to editorial, to actual art pieces fans can buy on merch items.”
Artists participating in the “12 Days” record a holiday song for Greyland. Additionally, Llanes and TK McKamy, a two-time CMA winner for Best Video Of The Year director, produce exclusive holiday webisodes and images to coincide with each track, all benefiting MusiCares, which provides support and community services to musicians in need of medical, personal & financial assistance.
The project launches on December 13 at with merchandise proceeds going directly to MusiCares.
Greyland staff includes the following:
Joseph Llanes
Head Curator/Owner
Jenny Llanes
Annette Morgan
Creative Director
Christo Collins
Art Director
Offices are located at 1624 Riverside Drive, Nashville, TN 37216. For more information, please visit

About Greyland
Greyland is the vision of content creator Joseph Llanes, who wanted to create a unique experience for fans, artists, photographers and designers. Utilizing his two decades in the business and relationships with both artists and the best image curators in the industry, Llanes has put together a one-of -a-kind experience that allows fans to, in a sense, take home the show they saw that night.
Fans will be able to commemorate their experience with magazine quality photography, graphic design and illustrations from around the world and designed on an item of the artist’s choice. Every limited-edition item that goes to the fans comes from an elite photographer working hand in hand with the top artists. All items are limited edition and limited quantity. Five-percent of profits go to charity of the artist choice.
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Media Contact for Greyland: 
Essential Broadcast Media, LLC
Ebie McFarland