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LIMITLESS //This. Changes. Everything.


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Described as a “suave magician” by Billboard, Shin Lim is the 2015 World FISM Champion for close-up card magic and the winner of America’s Got Talent Season 13. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, yet raised in Massachusetts sharing dual citizenship in the U.S. and Canada, the self-proclaimed ‘sleight of hand artist’ started piano training at 9 and didn’t begin doing card tricks until he was 16 – a late start for a future professional. He studied piano in college, but carpal tunnel syndrome eventually forced him to decide between the two pursuits.


“I was practicing too much music and then sleight of hand. All this rigorous training with my fingers was too much for my wrist to handle. The tendons got too inflamed,” says Lim, who takes a break after two hours of practice.


Lim notes he is not a magician, nor a wizard, and has no intention of lying to the audience. Instead he performs carefully self-choreographed routines combining dexterity, precision and grace meant to mystify the audience. Having made appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, both call Lim “amazing.” Howie Mandel of America’s Got Talent raves he is “the best sleight of hand I have ever seen.” E! News claims “We just don’t understand how he’s possibly doing this.”


Lim has made a name for himself with Forbes declaring “fantastic intricate card magic… Shin won audiences last year with his detailed routines that defied logic and he came back with similar intrigue but even more confidence and experience,” and USA Today remarking “Magician Shin Lim wowed.” Parade described his act as “incredible magic” and Las Vegas Sun billed him as “the new master of close-up magic.”


As Deadline states, Lim’s “close-up style remains a thing of elegant beauty,” and it has garnered quite the following via social media with over 760,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 655,000 Instagram followers.


Following his success on America’s Got Talent, the 29-year-old continues to revolutionize the way close-up magic is presented with his highly acclaimed show, “Limitless,” that left sold out audiences stunned when it opened at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Lim performs the incredible 90-minute spectacle alongside fellow America’s Got Talent alum and forensic mind reader Colin Cloud during select dates throughout the year. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit